This is a logic puzzle where given the clues, you must determine which knight won a jousting tournament. During the puzzle, you will be figuring out which knight rode which horse, who won which tournament rounds, and how many passes they had in each round.

I would suggest creating a separate logic puzzle chart to track which knight rode which horse, as well as tracking the known winners, competitors, and number of passes on each part of the tournament bracket.

Since the hints are a bit hard to put in order, I have tried to add a few hints that help with the logic of different parts of the puzzle.

Hints & Solutions Edit

Hint 1 about number of passes:

According to clue 2, one of the semifinals had 3 times the passes of Joust 3, and the other semifinal had 3 times the passes of the preliminary with Gaston. That means that the two semifinals had either 3 or 6 passes, Joust 3 had 1 or 2 passes, and Gaston's preliminary joust had 1 or 2 passes.

Hint 2 about number of passes:

Clue 3 mentions that a preliminary joust had the 7 passes. Since the two semifinals must have 3 and 6 passes, and the 1, 2, and 7 passes were all preliminary jousts, the final joust could only have 4 or 5 passes. Clue 5 mentions that the first semifinal joust has one fewer passes than the final joust. This means that the final joust had 4 passes, the first semifinal had 3, and the second semifinal had 6.

Hint 3 Semifinalists

The knights who reach the semi finals are Walter, Gaston, Abingdon and Cornwall 

Hint 3 Semifinalists and their mounts

Walter = roan, Gaston = bay, Abingdon = dapple, Cornwall = piebald

Maybe add more hints here?


The winner was Walter riding the Roan. The keyword is WALTER.
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