This puzzle is found on the first page in the Conundrucopia.

 Hints & Solutions Edit

Highlight the white text inside the block for hints ranging from vague to specific...

Hint 1:

Yes, this is in fact a puzzle.

Hint 2:

The last paragraph tells you how to solve. "Those mixed-up puzzle authors removing character..."

Hint 3:

The Table of Contents is part of the puzzle. Focus on the all-caps last names.

Hint 4: (directions on how to solve)

Each name can be found anagrammed, with one letter added, and possibly split into multiple words. The first few are "wisest" = WEISS + T, and "a noble" is LEBAN + O.

The Solution:

The extra letters once all the names are found, taken in the order they appear in the letter, spell out the message "to reveal my true name you'd spoonerise me".

Katharine Guypere, or Kate Guypere, isn't the true author. The guest editorialist is in fact the GATEKEEPER.

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