Hints & Solutions Edit

Highlight the white text inside the block for hints ranging from vague to specific...

Hint 1:

Each word roughly stands for another word or concept. Use the name of the spell to determine what the constituent words might be.

Hint 2:

Some spells have related concepts, such as call angel and dispel devil. Similarly look at crystal ball and teleport.

Hint 3:

mwadatun roughly translates to "TO"

Hint 4:

Cause convulsion roughly translates as "GIVE SHAKE TO". Try and figure out which word means "EARTH". Look at "Plentiful Harvest" and "Raise Zombie"

Hint 5:

pallegru aywig-nulm-legad trigo roughly translates to "Give not-from/in-earth treasure"

Hint 6:

The answer is found in the next block of text. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please do not continue.

The Solution:

The word "LEGAD" roughly translates as "EARTH", making the spell "UL GONRIL LEGAD" or "Shake Harm Earth". AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's a bit of ambiguity in my mind still on TRIGO vs LEGAD. I went with LEGAD based upon back-solve from META. I may revise in the future if that proves wrong, but I'm pretty confident in the answer being "LEGAD" right now. Dictionary: aywig - not, yuwflwf - bring, vicaro - holy, mwadatum - to, paellegru - give, tynkataw- language/word, qadapo - ball/round object, jubapippog - see, weglan - away, edsisi - area, bokailu - transport, move, nulm - from/in, rhiaggha - fire, gorli - death, legad - earth, trigo - treasure, jiha - hold,

7-24-16: Alternate “Bowen” translation (resulting in the same answer): AYWIG – not; YUWFLWF – summon/bring forth; VICARO – divine; MWADATUN – thing; PAELLEGRU – make; TYNKATAW – speak; QADARPO – orb; JUBAPIPPOG – see/seen/seeing; WEGLAN – far; EDSISI – place; BOKAILU – move/moving; NULM – down/under;  RHIAGGHA – fire; GONRLI – death; LEGAD – earth; TRIGO – bounty; JIHA – stay; UL – shake.

This translation solves some issues, for example “lightning from heaven” would now be translated as “summon-down fire death” as opposed to “from –bring fire harm” (from where?); “invisibility” would be “make thing not-seen” instead of “give to not-seen”; and “cause convulsion” would be “make thing shake”, not “give shake to.”  Also clears up issues with "paralyze” and “protective shield” being translated as “hold to move” and “hold not-dead to”; they would now be “stay (halt) thing moving” and “stay not-dead (alive) thing.” Still tweaky, but better.

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