This is a crossword puzzle, where you have two clues for each space, and two different puzzles. You don't know which puzzle each clue goes into!

Try to find answers to an across clue that crosses a down clue. Then, you can figure out which puzzle the two fit together in. Once you have some clues in the puzzle, it becomes much easier, as you can figure out which side the answers go on. If you need help, I have put in which side a few of the clues go.

Hints and Solutions Edit

Answer for Across 3

Left side is CHEETAH. Right side is BEGSFOR.

Answer for Across 14

Left side is GAMEONE. Right side is SCALING.

Answer for Across 15

Left side is FORWARDED. Right side is FAIRYTALE.

Answer for Down E

Left side is CARAVEL. Right side is BEAPART.

Answer for Down H

Left side is OPENSEA. Right side is WEARILY.

Final answer and keyword

Answer for C down on the left is BET ON A DARK HORSE. Answer for C down on the right is LIGHTHORSE HARRY. The 5-letter word both puzzles share (and your keyword) is HORSE.

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