This puzzle involves completing limericks with palidromes (words that are mirror images, and read the same backwards and forwards, like "RACECAR" or "A MAN, A PLAN, A CANAL, PANAMA!").

A few (non-spoilery) tips:

1) The palindromes are part of limericks, when the rhyming scheme AABBA (The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme, and the third and fourth lines rhyme). This means you can often figure out some missing words by guessing what completes the rhyme.

2) Since they are palindromes, whenever you do figure out a letter, you have figured out the other letter on the opposite side! Figure out a whole word, and the phrase is half-finished!

Hints & Solutions Edit

Hint for phrase 1

Remembering the name of Medusa's sisters will be a great start.

Solution for phrase 1

Medusa has sisters you can't see
Unless you can use scyphomancy.
Quickly conjure some booze
As it's liquor they choose.
When there's no grog, (a) Gorgon gets antsy.

Hint for phrase 2

Think of what kinds of "giants" and "entrails" would fit in the blanks and rhyming scheme.

Solution for phrase 2

The boatmen unfurled their sails
To gather up giants' entrails.
They set off downriver,
To get ogre live(r),
Evil ergo
won't win, say the tales.

Hint for phrase 3

What kind of "green" place has a serpent been known to cause trouble? And what other animal was identified as that serpent?

Solution for phrase 3

A lone serpent goes out for some air,
Destroying each fertile green square.
His intentions are rotten. He
Is no sort for botany.
No garden (o)ne dragon will spare.

Hint for phrase 4

Who would 'Ma' be talking to? And what would a Grecian sky-rider use?

Solution for phrase 4

Ma was the wife of a miser,
A Grecian sky-rider's advisor.
Once she asked of the sage,
"Did a pegas(u)s age?"
Pa did
not know. She stayed none the wiser.

Hint for phrase 5

What is another word for stags and hinds? What is a mythical giant bird (that is not a phoenix)?

Solution for phrase 5

A colossal bird lives on my farm
Where stags and hinds cause lots of harm.
Now her chicks get forlorn
As the deer gain roc(s)' corn.
I agreed
when they raised the alarm.

Hint for phrase 6

Figure out what a lyncanthrope is and you are almost done!

Solution for phrase 6

Do not enter the lycanthrope's place
Or I might take a shine to your face.
I will bite nice and slow
So your blood starts to flow,
ere w(e) werewolf
types cut to the chase.

Keyword solution

Taking the letters in parentheses from each completed phrase, you get the keyword: AROUSE.
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