This is a crossword puzzle with a few twists.

First, each square can take 1 - 4 letters, so you don't know the length of a clue from the number of spaces. And, even if you do know the length of the clue, you may not know how to distribute the letters.

Second, 8 of the words do not match their clues at all. However, these 8 words share a common theme.

Tips Edit


1. If you have figured out a clue, even if you aren't sure where all the letters go, you know that the first letter will go into the first spot, and the last letter will go into the last spot. Use this toward your advantage.

2. Figuring out a down clue that crosses an across clue will help you greatly to figure out both. Once you know the letters in common, then you know what goes in the square they cross. That will in turn help you know where the other letters go.

3. Remember that each square must have at least one letter (and can only have up to four at maximum). There will often be only one way the letters will fit after you figure out one or two crossing clues.

4. You may want to do this one in pencil! Remember, there are 8 words that don't match their clues, so if something doesn't fit, it may be one of those eight.

Hints & Solutions Edit

The "wrong" clue that defines the others


All Clue Answers


1. A/L/LU/RES, 5. S/H/E/BA, 9. COV/ER/S, 12. S/EA/S/ON/ED, 14. L/OV/E/R, 15. HER/ET/I/CAL, 16. IN/KS/T/AN/D, 17. OTH/EL/L/O, 18. M/OU/S/Y, 19. C/A/PRI, 21. QUE/ST/ION/S, 23. NOT/A/ST/E, 26. D/RE/AM/S, 30. ER/E/N/O/W, 33. ICE/P/ICKS, 34. SEV/E/NDE/AD/LY/SI/NS, 36. E/R/RING, 37. S/T/ANDS/T/ILL, 39. R/EUS/ER/S, 40. PA/SS/ION/S, 41. T/R/E/MOR, 43. TER/N/S, 45. GL/UTT/ON/Y, 47.T/I/P/PER, 51. UL/TI/MA/T/E, 55. INT/ER/E/ST, 56. A/NG/E/R, 57. L/E/GI/O/N, 58. S/ING/S, 59. L/OT/TER/Y, 60. S/C/UR/VY

The other "wrong" clues, and the keyword

The longest word, and the keyword, is COVETOUSNESS

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