Highlight the white text inside the block for hints ranging from vague to specific...

Hint 1:

The text mentions a page in The Maze of Games. There is one specific page that is important.

Hint 2:

The answer is 11 letters long.

Hint 3:

What page have you seen upper and lowercase letters before.

Hint 4:

The page needed to solve this is The Minotaur's Maze that can be found in the Joker Section "For Want of a Clue"

Hint 5:

Connect the pieces together and take a step back to finish solving this one


Break the scorched letters into 11 columns. Use the Minotaurs Maze as a connect the dots grid and the letters from the column as your location markers. For example, the first set of column letters is 'HvyKu'. Find the letter 'H' in the maze, then draw a straight line to the letter 'v', followed by 'yKu' in order and take a step back and see what letter you drew, in this case the letter 'R'. Repeat this procedure for each column of letters to get the final answer RESOLUTIONS.
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