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Hint 1:

This is a more complex logic puzzle than the previous ones, but it does all work out in the end.

Hint 2:

To start, don't worry about the starting position of each druid, you can work on this in the second half of the puzzle. However, the gist is that the druids will start in the circle and one in the middle, and the druid who is the second to sacrifice will move to the middle and the first druid will move to that vacated spot.

Hint 3:

If you solve these types of puzzles with a table, it would be helpful to use a doubly long table that equates druid names to both their deity and their sacrifice item.

Hint 4:

Paell's deity is Ruad Rofhessa.

Hint 5:

The orb is sacrificed first.

The Solution:

Final answer, in order of sacrifice:

Raell, orb, Math Mathonwy

Vaell, horse, Lamfhada

Caell, wheat, Crom Cruaich

Daell, sword, Manannan Mac Lir

Maell, harp, Gwydion

Taell, infidel, Tailtiu

Baell, cask, Goibhniu

Gaell, cow, Arawn

Paell, sheep, Ruad Rofhessa

The Keyword:

The Druid of Manannan Mac Lir is your keyword, "DAELL".

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