Hints & Solutions Edit

Highlight the white text inside the block for hints ranging from vague to specific...

Hint 1:

This is similar to the link puzzle.

Hint 2:

Try to think of answers first, then see if ELF or FLE fits (obvious hint is obvious).

Hint 3:

Viola's tale refers to a Shakespeare play.

Hint 4:

Jason's quest uses "FLE".

Hint 5:

Here are hints for each clue:

Jason's quest: uses FLE

Altruistic: ELF

Spongy custard desserts: FLE

It's seen in a looking-glass: FLE

"Heavenly" aquatic animal: ELF

Superficial injury: FLE

Antarctic platform: ELF

Romaine "flower": ?

Handbill: FLE

Suffer no illness: ?

Outdoor bazaar: FLE

Puffy French dessert: FLE

Viola's tale: ELF

The Solution:


Jason's quest: GOLDEN(FLE)ECE

Altruistic: UNS(ELF)ISH

Spongy custard desserts: TRI(FLE)S

It's seen in a looking-glass: RE(FLE)CTION

"Heavenly" aquatic animal: ANG(ELF)ISH

Superficial injury: (FLE)SHWOUND

Antarctic platform: ICESH(ELF)

Romaine "flower": BOLTO(FLE)TTUCE

Handbill: LEA(FLE)T

Suffer no illness: FE(ELF)INE

Outdoor bazaar: (FLE)AMARKET

Puffy French dessert: SOUF(FLE)

Viola's tale: TW(ELF)THNIGHT

The shaded letters spell SAINT NICHOLAS

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